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Pokémon Season 22 Episode 14

Evolving Research!

As our heroes continue their research projects, Sophocles wants to help Charjabug evolve. The pair set off to Vast Poni Canyon and encounter Horacio, who wants his own Charjabug to evolve first. But when Horacio ends up in danger, Sophocles’s Charjabug springs into rescue mode and evolves into Vikavolt!

Meanwhile, Lana has her heart set on training, but she’s disappointed because her mentor, Ida, is about to depart Poni Island. Still, Popplio and Sandy have fun playing with Ida’s Primarina, and when Lana decides to show Ida what she’s capable of, Popplio evolves into Brionne! As congratulations, Ida gives Lana her own Primarium Z and encourages her to continue training.

Pokémon Season 22 Episode 14
Jan. 27, 2019

Pokémon season 22

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    When you upload next episode

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